TECH - TOOL - TIME | What files are taking up space on my hard drive? (Windows)

Data is stored in so many places it's hard to keep tabs.

Whether you have a smaller Solid State Drive (SSD) or your computer drive is near full, when your hard drive space is limited, this can be extremely frustrating and an uncomfortable spot to be in.

What programs and files are taking up all of my space?

I recently ran into this progblem when my SSD was full.  I had moved my Google Drive to my larger SATA drive, but still didn't have additional space where my Operating System was installed.

I found this free program that I downloaded that helped me out tremendously called Wiztree.  This program allowed me to quickly see what consumed my hard drive space and I quickly learned what I could delete.  After struggling for an hour, this program was simple and straight-forward.

Here's a link to their site:


If you are running into a hard drive space issue, this software will quickly provide a snapshot of your used space and give you the insight on what you can delete.


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