TECH - TIME - TIPS | Saving Time - Your Program's shortcut keys

TECH - TIME - TIPS | Saving Time - Your Program's shortcut keys

SHORTCUT KEYS = Being Faster + More Control

Transcending is about surpassing limits and this time saver will make you more productive and a little more while being a little more at peace.
I know we see these underlined letters in our programs, but how many people actually use these shortcuts to navigate quicker?  Especially when working on a laptop or tablet, when you prefer not to use a mouse.
  • There are shortcut keys for your Computer to Complete Actions
  • For Your Programs to Navigate through your Menus
  • For Your Programs to Execute Actions
Today we will share intermediate/advanced shortcuts with MS Office to navigate faster.
The nice part about programs in MS Office is that when you are in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access you can see the assigned shortcut keys by pressing ALT.
Microsoft Word Shortcut Navigation - ALT + | Technology AND Save Time
  • You will then see the corresponding shortcut letter to press
(i.e. In Microsoft Word 2007, to Set the Margins Section 
1) Alt 
2) P 
3) M 
4) A
Just follow the underlined letter, (2010 and 2013 should be similar if not the same)
(I also find this to be an incredible time saver in Photo Editing (Photoshop, GIMP) instead of having to sometimes cross multiple screens to get to the Dialog Box.  For these programs, you Press Letters or Press and hold ALT + letters)
Useful Advanced Word Shortcuts in Word:
Microsoft Word Shortcut Navigation - ALT + | Technology AND Save Time


  • Indent Right: Press ALT, then H, then A, then I (lowercase)
  • Create Bullet Points: ALT, H, U
  • Change Font Size: ALT H, F, S
  • Change Font Type: ALT H, F, F
  • Hyperlink: ALT, N, I
Useful Advanced Shortcuts in Excel:
Excel Shortcut Navigation Menu - Technology AND Saving Time
  • Select an Entire Row: CTRL + Spacebar
  • Select an Entire Column: Shift + Spacebar
  • Change Cell to Bold: CTRL + 5
  • Change Cell to Strikethrough: CTRL + 2
  • Change Font and Size: CTRL + SHIFT + F
Although it's been a while since I used a Mac, I did some research for you and can point you to another site for a complete list of shortcut keys.


To set line spacing to


Single-spaced lines


Double-spaced lines


1.5-line spacing


Add or remove one line of space directly preceding a paragraph

COMMAND+ 0 (zero


Formatting Characters



Change the font

Change the formatting of characters


For a complete list, | Mac OS - MS Office Word Shortcut Keys
Shortcuts allow you to navigate quicker.  We shared a select group.  
Windows users, feel free to create Sticky Note (Windows Button type "Sticky notes" and paste it on your desktop.
Mac users, Open your Application Folder and Run the Stickies Application to display in a new window
I hope this expands your fluidity with MS Office (and other programs you try shortcut key with).  
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