Be more productive - Type SIGNIFICANTLY Faster With this Tool (Windows, Apple, & Mobile)

Be more productive - Type SIGNIFICANTLY Faster With this Tool (Windows, Apple, & Mobile)

In a previous job selling servers and hosting online and over the phone, there was this one guy that stood out from the rest.  He made more money than the other sales guys and sent more email follow ups while doing live text chats online.

I was amazed that he could send 70-200 emails daily and how he spent minutes on the same sales quotes that took me 30 minutes.  

He then showed me a program called Texter which is known as a Text Expander.

What does a Text Expander do?  It allows you to assign a string of text to output more Text.

 i.e. I created one so that I typed e1 + <tab> and it displayed:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Then I created p1 for phone, sig1 for a LinkedIn Signature


I immediately started creating text strings for common Phrases, Signatures, Subject Headings, Sales Copies, Sales Quotes, Anything with common phrases to the initial contact to following up.  Immediately my productivity went up and as a result, I made more money with more sales.


Although Texter 0.6 still occasionally won't update when replacing an assigned string, I still like it because it's easy to run and update.  You can also choose where the cursor starts.  

Texter 0.6 Download LinkBe More Productive - Save Time - Type Faster Link

After you install it, look for this icon, Be More Productive - Typing Time Saver

RIGHT-CLICK -> PREFERENCES ->Check RUN AT STARTUP (otherwise it won't work).  I also uncheck spellcheck.

Other Text Expanders 

I just did a brief search and there are definitely more text expanders on the market and they are $21+.

Some have better functionality like pasting a text link or picture in your canned phrase.  This is a nice feature with your signature and your email being linked.


Google Keyboard

Until recently, the pre-installed Google Keyboard didn't have a text expander.  You had to download from GooglePlay and replace your current Google Keyboard.  

Thankfully this is no longer the case.  


In the Google Keyboard, you create abbreviations and phrases in the Personal Dictionary.

Type the abbreviation, then type the phrase.  

When you type in the future, your word will be suggested on the left for you to select.


Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Samsung Keyboard App now has the text expander where you assign your abbreviation to a # (1-9 + 0)
  • Assign your abbreviation
  • Put in your Whole Phrase, Template, Subject Response (What's nice is that you can have multiple lines of text)

To recall the Hotkey, Press and Hold the # and select on screen




iOS - I just read has this functionality built in. 

  1. iPhone Home Screen
  2. -> Open up the Settings app
  3. -> Go to General section
  4. -> Next, Keyboard section.
  5. -> Swipe to the bottom and tap "Add New Shortcut"
  6. -> Under "Phrase" type your abbreviation, under "Shortcut" type the full phrase.
  7. (For example, if you wanted "ily" to expand to "I Love You!", Phrase - ily, Shortcut - I Love You!  Type ily.)
  8. -> Save when you're done
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