Saving Time - Walk Quickly Strategy

Saving Time - Walk Quickly Strategy

The key to walking downtown is to make sure you never have to stop at a Red Light.  You do this by always having a second option.  This may sound silly, but in addition to arriving quicker, you also don't have the frustration of having to wait.

Below is a simple story and picture to illustrate.


Jack and Jill needed to walk across town and decided to race to see who would get their first.

Jack being the faster walker, immediately started going straight.  He hit green light after green light and was way ahead of Jill.  Jill at the first green decided to turn left.  When it came to meeting up, Jill was there first.

What did Jack do wrong and what did Jill know so she arrived first?



Jack's mistake was not turning. Although he hit every green light on the way, he know only had 1 option at futures lights.  If the light was red, he would have to wait. 

Jill knew the secret, which was to have options and be able to go either direction depending on which side had the red light.  By having a second option, Jill was able to walk non-stop and although slower, she was mentally quicker than Jack and won the race.  

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