Attract and Manifest Money

Attract and Manifest Money

How To Attract and Manifest Money   

Law of Attraction Overview:

It short, the Law of Attraction is the vibration that you give off attracts things, experiences and people to you that have the same frequency.  Like attracts like.  This is a feeling universe and the universe brings more into our existence of that which matches our feelings.  It's generally why the rich get richer and the poor remain poor.

To add to this Universal Law, "Energy Flows Where Attention Goes."  That which we focus on we get more of.  


If you focus on how much money you have or your lack of money, you will attract more of that into your existence.  The universe doesn't discriminate on whether or not your feelings are positive or negative, it simply matches your frequency and brings more of that to you.  So many of us have negative programs unintentionally running in our subconscious from our childhood or negative experiences and don't even realize it. 

If you are familiar with The Secret, Napolean Hill's Think and Grow Rich and countless other books and movies, they all tell you Like attracts like (vibrations), however there is still more to learn.


So How Do We Manifest?

It's all about belief.  What you believe without an ounce of doubt.  Period.  The rest is just a vehicle.


So What is Missing?  

The internal part.  How do you get to that belief inside of yourself?  Simply because I put up a picture and imagine a feeling doesn't command a result.  If you've tried, you know.


The trick lies in the understanding what to do for the internal part and solidifying your beliefs:

Influencing Outcomes - A True Short Story: "How-To" Manifest and the Rationale Behind It

by Jeff Brooks


Influencing Outcomes - A True Short Story with How-To Manifest and the Rationale Behind It by Jeff Brooks   


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This information is being shared for the first time ever in October, 2013.  This is a consolidation of information from a constant and all-consuming search for 6 years of seeking the answers to the "Why" and "How" behind everything. 


In 15 minutes, this information will be yours because it's delivered to you in an 11-page eBook.  In this quick and entertaining story, you will discover the answers to solidify your internal beliefs on why manifesting (attracting, law of attraction) makes sense, is real and the internal "how-to" for this to be achieved. 

For someone who is driven to know the answers now OR someone that is simply looking to put in the least amount of effort to benefit their life, you'll learn exactly what I did in this true story.

Unlock your doors, see life differently, be a hero (not the victim) and expedite your path since you can use these principles and examples to attract and manifest money AND/OR apply it to whatever you want to attract. 


P.S. - The Low Price Tag is because there doesn't need to be a barrier of entry to this understanding.  You are a co-creator, so start consciously creating.  Happy Creating and please share your experiences with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Author: Jeff Brooks - Influencing Outcomes: A Short Story with How-To Manifest and the Rationale Why

About the Author - Jeff Brooks







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