Productivity - Free Cloud Storage and Organization

Productivity - Free Cloud Storage and Organization

Centralize Your Information

I once had a customer rave so much that now he was paperless and could find everything so easily. 
I didn't go as far as he did, which was to get a paid account, a scanner, and scan every document and receipt into Evernote, but I did download it for my computer and the app. for my Android Phone (available for Apple).  If I am not in front of my computer, I can always login through the web when I am on a different computer.


It is so simple and now my information is consolidated, synced and available on every device.

Plus, if I have an important document, receipt or image I want easily accessible, I simply scan or take a picture.  I no longer have to find files or think about if I can find the information.

Lastly, if I have an important email, you will receive an Evernote email address to your account that you can Bcc yourself.

Here's a link to

Evernote - Free Google Play Store App.

Evernote - Free Apple iTunes Store App.

(Refer friends and get more storage space each time).


They even have features to draw, write hand notes, store your web favorites, store contacts, food recipes, make webpages easier to read and turn your notes into study materials.


Other free cloud based storage:

If you are are not already taking advantage of cloud storage, sign up for a Gmail email account and you will automatically have 5GB of storage with Google Drive.  Then simply download for your computer and the app. to centralized important documents, songs, etc.


Google Drive - Free Google Play Store App.

Google Drive Free iTunes App.


Dropbox is another popular source for free free cloud storage (2GB).

Refer people and get up to 16GB for free (500 MB each time).

If you buy a Samsung Galaxy, you get 50GB of free storage for one year.


Right now, I just did a search and found another company similar to Dropbox called

I just got 20GB (15GB +5GB) of cloud storage free and they offer 5GB of extra space for every referral.  I read about a guy who has more than 3TB of space! App. (with 5GB referral bonus)

Google Play - Free App.

iTunes - Free App.


In short, having your information easily accessible will save make your life simpler and more productive.

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