Foot Reflexology - Empower and Heal Yourself

Foot Reflexology - Empower and Heal Yourself

Reflexology is one of the easiest and most effective ways to quickly improve your health and increase your energy whether you have an ailment or are doing preventative maintenance.

Reflexology is a scientific technique where you apply pressure to nerve endings which correspond to areas and organs of the body. It dates back thousands of years to Egypt and the Eastern World (B.C.).


Disease (Dis-ease) is when your body is not perfectly circulating and there is a blockage.  When the nerve endings are stimulated, they send an electrical stimulus to that area, breaking up the blockage, so the body can heal itself.

The body is mapped everywhere onto itself.  One of the most popular forms of reflexology is foot reflexology.  This is because there is a high concentration of nerve endings and the areas are large.


A blockage is very easy to find because when you do, the area will be painful.  A healthy, properly circulating area will be pain-free.  Yes, there are times when the foot or body part has been injured from something else and the pain is not the direct result of the area/organ. However, this pain may be the result of that areas weakness because the mapping of the body works both ways (i.e. when you constantly injure the same area repeatedly).


Visually, it is very easy to understand how the body is mapped on the foot.  Specifically for the foot, it is from the waist up.

  • At the Top - The Big Toe is your Brain & the Toes are your head.
  • At the Bottom - The Heel is your Waist
  • Right Foot - Right side of your body
  • Left Foot - Left side of your body


  • The foot is broken into 5 zones. 
  • Inside is the middle of your body (stomach, solar plexus, heart, neck, eyes).
  • Outside is the outer part of your body (hip, shoulder)

 How-To Transcend - Foot Reflexology Map-Chart 1



The basic session for reflexology consists of:

  • Doing the 5 zones
  • Reflexing and balancing the Endocrine system.

Find the pain.  Reflex the pain away and let your body take care of healing.

How-To Transcend - Foot Reflexology Map-Chart 2 

(All Foot Reflexology Maps/Charts are slightly different, the the areas are close. Every foot is different. Trial and error is the key)


Basic Reflexology Technique

The most basic technique is called the thumb walk. 

To do this, place your palm flat on a surface. Notice what part of your thumb touches the surface.  Also pay attention to the knuckle which is bent.  This is the how relaxed your thumb is and the area you press with.

Now, the part that takes a little practice.  You want to do an inchworm like motion.  Press down and more forward.  7 times in 1 inch.  You don't need to use a lot of pressure.

Please be careful not to over-stimulate areas.  Just by massaging the zone and the area for 5-10 seconds will start the healing process.


My Personal Experience with How I Validated Reflexology

Like many of you, I was skeptical. I came from a background of Western medicine and Eastern medicine didn't seem real to me.  One day I was at Barnes & Nobles and stumbled upon a book called Healing Yourself with Foot reflexology. I started to read it and it clicked. The way it was written, telling about the history and how health problems were solved, it seemed like a god-send.

One day when I was visiting a friend in Los Angeles, CA, my eyes became light sensitive while driving.  I had had this problem once  a year because my early eye doctors said I could sleep with disposable contacts.  My corneas had been scratched and once a year, they would become light-sensitive.  I would need to get steroid eye drops and not wear contacts for 2 weeks.  I quickly got back to where I was staying and thought to myself, I just learned something that I could try. 

I reflexed the 5 zones, followed the map and reflexed my endocrine system.  Then I massaged my eye area as described in the book (from outside to the center).  I did the areas around it as well.  To my surprise, in 10 minutes my eyes were fine.  It felt like a miracle and I was sold.


After purchasing many different reflexology books, the book that best clearly defines the functions of the body and the way to reflex is:

Healing Yourself with Foot Reflexology by Mildred Carter and Tammy Weber


Of course if you have severe systems, please consult with your doctor.  However, if you are looking to aid your own health, reflexology is a fascinating and amazing tool to give you more control over your health and vitality.


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