Defining Reality | Why and How Does the Secret and Law of Attraction Work?


To be smart, you leverage other people’s time and experience. Would YOU trade 20 Minutes for a Lifetime of Knowing?
This true story being revealed for the 1st time took 8 years to discover and assemble and now it’s being shared with you. 

The Law of Attraction in Action 3D   The Law of Attraction in Action - How-To Use Your Intellect to Influence Reality & Why It Works - 3D Cover-Front

How a SIMPLE and REPEATABLE TEST with the Universe forever changed my belief in myself and in what is possible

It took 8 years of Seeking, Discovering, Assembling and finally Putting to the Test this valuable information.

I always felt special, but was living an ordinary life. I knew more existed, but life seemed so complex and I was stuck in between knowing too much and too little.
I was overloaded with conflicting information and couldn’t find a straight answer.

  • What is this reality? Is there just one reality?
  • What is The Law of Attraction & Why does it work?
  • Can I influence my reality?
  • How do I direct my energy?

I needed to find these answers to unlock my world and enable the life I wanted to live and I imagine you are seeking for it to.   
In order to get new results, I knew I needed to try a new way.

"When you open yourself up to possibilities, you open yourself up to Newness & Subtle Shifts of Awareness can have profound effects.
Now you just have to take action."

In this true story (being revealed for the 1st time), we will address: 

  • HOW-TO CREATE / ATTRACT through example (against the odds)
  • Consolidate Scientific Events & Examine WHY THIS WORKS
  • PROVIDE THE MISSING INGREDIENT (reveal one’s inner-dialogue) 

If you are looking to unlock your reality and gain the insight you've always wanted, here's your next short read.  

The Law of Attraction in Action - How-To Use Your Intellect & Why This is Possible by Jeff Brooks

The Law of Attraction in Action - How-To Use Your Intellect to Influence Reality & Why It Works



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Topics: Brain-Power, How-To Guide, Self-Hypnosis, Mind-Body Roadmap, Examining and Defining Reality, Law of Attraction – The Secret

5 star review
Great short and easy read to understand how to achieve your desired outcome in life
Tony G.

This is an excellent short book that really puts the Law of Attraction in perspective by giving a real-world story of how it works.
Jeff masterfully tells the story of how he was able to focus his thoughts, emotions, and spirit into achieving a desired outcome in life,
which normally would be considered completely out of his control. In the story he demonstrates using the Law of Attraction to win on a
single spin of roulette, but he then takes it further and explains how this concept can be applied in any aspect of a person's life.

I shared this with a group of friends when we were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, and everyone who read it said they had tremendous luck
that week at the casinos. Not to say that this is a book about gambling, but it just happens to use that scenario to demonstrate the power
of focusing one's self on a desired outcome.

I highly recommend this short and easy read for anyone looking for some quick and easy tips for how to achieve what they want in life!


The Original Cover - Gambling Cover Edition

The Law of Attraction in Action by Jeff Brooks Back-Cover Shell (Gambling Cover)


$47, $17 to the 1st 1000 Downloads

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